Red Giant is the leading provider of plugins for stylizing your footage in post, and that continues with the new transitions and effects coming to its subscription package Universe with revision 2.2. These transitions cover a wide range of options, but of particular interest are the highly accurate transitions mimicking historic video technology. For instance, Universe 2.2 offers a "VHS" transition effect that mimics someone repeatedly recording over a VHS tape, and a "channel surfing" transition effect to mimic changing channels on a vintage CRT. Of course, these are visually distinct effects, but many plugin packages limit themselves to a "vintage TV" effect that lumps them all together. Red Giant Universe's attention to detail makes it stand out.

Of course, the other big news is that Universe is now available for Avid Media Composer. In terms of NLEs, plugins tend to have the widest adoption in Premiere, with Resolve and the other OFX applications coming in hot on their heels. Media Composer support has often not arrived for many popular plugins, so it's nice to see Red Giant expand support to what remains a viable editing platform, especially on large multi-editor productions.

U-channel-surf-transitionChannel surf transition effect in Universe 2.2.Credit: Red Giant

Red Giant Universe 2.2 is available now for $99/year.

Tech Specs:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve, and now Avid Media Composer support
  • 11 new transitions including VHS, Clock, Camera Shake, Mosaic and Channel Surf
  • Volume licensing available for shared post environments and easy workflow