SmallHD has released OS3, a free update that includes custom false colors, waveform tools, battery metering and computer-free integration of the SmallHD Color Probe. The update benefits the entire SmallHD line including the 500, 700, UltraBright and Focus on-camera monitors as well as the 1300, 1700, 2400 and 3200 series Production Monitors.

The new custom false color tool gives you the ability to create up to 10 custom IRE ranges and to assign specific colors to the ranges. On the waveform side, OS3 adds spot metering to indicate exposure level to an area without the psychedelic appearance false color can create. SmallHD says this is particularly good when you want to expose faces. 

They've also added a new image gallery for quick access to organize screen captures and other images on an SD card by showing a thumbnail preview of each image file. Image previews can be seen with or without a video signal. Users will now see a battery meter which can read Sony NPF L-series batteries and show you the percentage of the charge remaining instead of the voltage readout. 

The SmallHD Color Probe is a $300 accessory that plugs directly into the monitor’s USB jack to check and correct the color calibration. With this update, you can now calibrate your gear without using a laptop which is great news for those on the move.

SmallHD’s OS3 firmware can be downloaded for free here.