With only two-and-a-half weeks left in the calendar year, there are still a handful of prestige films waiting to drop in LA and NYC on Christmas Day. And with the latest Star Wars preparing to suck all the oxygen out of the room beginning tomorrow night, studios and specialty distributors are pushing their award campaigns into high gear.

We've been anxiously waiting for A24 to release the screenplays to some of the best reviewed (and most liked) films of 2017, and finally, our prayers have been answered. A24 has made the screenplays for Lady BirdThe Florida Project, and The Disaster Artist available for download for your consideration.

Before we get to the screenplay links, let's take a quick look at the films' trailers.

Lady Bird first broke records on Rotten Tomatoes for receiving the most reviews without a single negative take (the perfect 100% rating has since been disrupted, however).  Greta Gerwig's feature directorial debut takes us on the emotional journey of headstrong Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson during her senior year of high school as she butts heads with her mother, pursues boys, and complicates friendships, all in an attempt to break free of her life in Sacramento. This is one of the must-see films of the year.

Sean Baker followed up his Sundance, iPhone-shot darling Tangerine by shooting his next film on 35mm. The Florida Project tells the story of six-year-old Moonee and her mother Halley living in a budget motel in the shadow of Disney World, managed by the cantankerous Bobby. While Halley makes increasingly desperate decisions to provide for her daughter, Moonee runs around the budget motel with her gang of friends, creating their own imaginative fun, many times to the dismay and irritation of Bobby. With a breakout performance from young Brooklynn Prince as Moonee and perhaps a career-best turn from Willem Dafoe as Bobby, The Florida Project continues to win over audiences.

Over the past fourteen years, The Room has played sold-out midnight screenings across the globe, solidifying its claim as the "best worst movie ever." The Disaster Artist tells the story behind the making of The Room, focusing on the friendship between the enigmatic Tommy Wiseau, the writer/producer/director/star of The Room, and Greg Sestero, a young, struggling actor.  While Tommy and Greg inspire each other to pursue their impossible dreams, the eventual cost of that pursuit may be more than their friendship can bear. This film will be particularly meaningful to filmmakers everywhere (and no, seeing The Room first is not a requirement to enjoy this film immensely).

Thanks to A24, here are the links to the screenplays:

As always, please use these scripts for educational purposes only. Also, don't wait to download them because we never know when the studios will take the screenplays off the internet.

Be sure to check out all of this year's award contending screenplays available for download and stay tuned as more scripts arrive. 

Source: A24 Awards