As I write this, it's a bitterly cold 36-degrees out, the fog is beginning to roll in as the sun dips below the horizon well before 5 p.m., and I can hear Christmas music ring ting tingling somewhere in the distance—so yeah, I'm in a worse mood than usual. Actually, I feel like I've felt this terrible feeling before. Ah yes, I remember now. It was the last time filmmaker Kentucker Audley came out with a video. You remember, right? It was the one that set Wes Anderson's film Rushmore to 90s pop-rock hits and it effectively ruined my entire summer so good.

Well now, Audley has blessed us all with yet another one of these horrible things, except this time it's The Royal Tenenbaums and early 2000s pop hits from bands whose names can't legally be said without putting a "fucking" in front of them, like fucking Staind, The Fucking Goo Goo Dolls, and FUCKING Creed. Enjoy, kind of.

Okay, Kentucker Audley—may I call you Kentucker Audley—listen, guy. I know you're an artist and you've got a vision for these videos and they're very creative and I appreciate very much that you make them, but—where in Jane Fonda's leg warmers do you get off replacing Nico's "These Days" with Macy Gray's "I Try"?

You ripped poor Ms. Päffgen's perfect song from a perfect moment between two sexually frustrated siblings only to slap ol' Macy's inappropriately high spirited love lost diddy on top of it and I'm not gonna go along with it.

You, sir, have crossed the line and I hate your video. Plus, I love it very much. Thank you for making it because it ruined my winter so good.

Source: Kentucker Audley