August 27, 2017

'Rushmore' with a 90s Rock Soundtrack Is the Worst/Greatest Thing in the World

If you want your day ruined watch this video. If you want your day made watch this video.

As I write this, it's a windless 93-degrees out, smoke from the nearby forest fires is blocking out the sun, and Eve 6 is blasting out of the speakers at this sports bar—so yeah, I'm in a worse mood than usual. But when I stumbled upon this damn ass video by the always lovely Kentucker Audley, I wasn't sure whether I loved or hated every fucking minute of it.

Maybe it's just one of those days—or maybe it's just one of those videos, but watching Wes Anderson's brilliant melancomedy Rushmore set to the musical stylings of Blink-182, Smash Mouth, and all of those pop rock bands of the late 90s—Third Eye Blind—is just sacrilege, or annoying, or just not something I can handle in this heat. Either way, you need to watch it.

In an instant, Kentucker turns Anderson's uniquely quirky vision into a 10 Things I Hate About You teen movie and it's hilarious. I really love it. Also, I hate it a lot. It made me laugh out loud. It made me hate myself for loving those bands when I was in middle school. (Like, I had a deeply emotional one-sided connection to Stephan Jenkins when I was 12.) 

I think I speak for all 90s kids when I say to this video, "Go home, Roger. You da bomb."     

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Omg!! I know this was made in a satirical way but it is spot on Soundtrack wise. It goes to show if this film was developed, produced & back by one of the BIG STUDIOS this would have been the soundtrack. Featuring all of these over rated over played songs of the 90's. These songs were practically on every soundtrack in the late 90's. The original soundtrack was great & that along with Wes Andersons directing made the film so unique & memorable. The soundtrack complimented the film. Just my opinion.

August 28, 2017 at 11:16AM


That last track is a stroke of genius.

August 28, 2017 at 3:03PM, Edited August 28, 3:03PM