Learning the many awesome features within Premiere Pro can take a really, really, really long time, especially if you're not up to speed on how every single tool works. However, this video from Nathaniel Dodson of tutvid can help you add at least  17 new tricks to your editing arsenal, from file management to transitions, all of which will have you editing faster and more efficiently than ever before. Check it out below:

This video is kind of a catch-all of editing tricks. It's not focused on just file management or just editing, but rather it's a widespread collection of many different kinds of techniques and features you can use in your day-to-day work. It covers full-screen edit preview, a quick text title, exporting while editing, trimming with hotkeys, quick ripple deleting, and so much more.

Here's a list of all of the tips he mentioned in the video, along with the timestamp in case you want to skip ahead:

  1. Create a new text title (1:00)
  2. Using Up and Down Arrow keys (2:13)
  3. Select and loop any part of your timeline (3:15)
  4. Play Around feature (4:20)
  5. Preview fullscreen with a keyboard shortcut (6:22)
  6. Change "Add Edit" hotkey to "z" (7:15)
  7. CMD/CTRL + Drag a Selection to select cuts (8:07)
  8. Apply Crossfade to multiple edits in your audio (9:03)
  9. Replacing a clip in your timeline (11:24)
  10. Trimming with hotkeys: Cut clip one frame at a time (11:45)
  11. Trimming with hotkeys: Move clip with attributes (13:00)
  12. Trimming with hotkeys: Trim clip before/after playhead (14:00)
  13. Removing and pasting attributes (15:37)
  14. Adding motion blur (17:30)
  15. Custom easing for better animations (19:38)
  16. Adjustment layers (21:10)
  17. Exporting with Media Encoder (23:00)

Dodson shares plenty of other tips in the video, so even if you're particularly interested in a couple of the techniques on the list, be sure to watch the whole video for all of the little tidbits he mentions throughout it.

Source: tutvid