When we did our recent EVA1 review, we had a few very minor quibbles, one of which was accepting that you'll need a battery plate adapter to power your accessories. Much like Wooden Camera rushed in to fix our quibble with the lens mount, Core SWX already has a battery to the rescue, the new Nano-VBR98. 

The Nano-VBR98 is a Panasonic-compatible battery with a 13,200mAh capacity that the company claims will run the EVA1 for up to five hours, but that's not the best bet. The best part is it comes with a P-tap to power your accessories. Capable of supporting a 12v, 2a draw, Core now makes it possible to work with an aftermarket, larger, second monitor, or a low power wireless video system, or perhaps a wireless follow focus, without having to add a battery breakout.  

Nofilmschool_core_swx_eva1_batteryCredit: Core SWX

This is a huge benefit for those of us working with cameras that still use "camcorder" style batteries. While these batteries are smaller, lighter, and much cheaper than Anton Bauer style or V mount style batteries, we're often left out of luck when it comes to powering an accessory, and having some power distribution, even if it's just the single power tap, is definitely worth an investment. With all that functionality, the battery is also affordable. The comparable unit from Panasonic has only 11,800mAh capacity but runs $349—over $100 more than this unit. This is especially interesting since the cells inside the battery are made by Panasonic, who of course are dominant in the battery space.

Versions for Canon and Sony coming soon.  Panasonic EVA1-compatible units available now from B&H for $219.

Tech Specs

  • 98Wh, 13200mAh Battery Pack
  • For EVA1 & Select Panasonic Cameras
  • 12V SMBUS D-Tap Powers Accessories, 2A draw
  • 4-LED Power Gauge
  • 5-Hour Average EVA1 Runtime