Okay, you've got a film to light but you don't have any professional lights—what do you do? I mean, you could get pissed off and have a sit-down shower cry, or you could get busy finding cheap DIY lighting solutions that can not only provide you with all the illumination you need but can also make your film look professional and cinematic. In this video, the team over at The Film Look goes over a few pieces of great advice on how to light a film on a budget, including how to make DIY light skirt. Check it out below:

As we've talked about before, expensive professional lighting kits are not absolutely necessary to make a scene look cinematic. Yeah, they can do some pretty amazing things and yes, they can give you a lot more power and control over the look of your scene, but they're not the only option out there. 

The best tools are the ones you've got, even if all you've got is the lamp on your desk and the flashlight on your phone. So go take inventory of all of the lights you own, find out how many people will let you borrow theirs, and find new ways to turn household items, like shower liners, T-shirts, tinfoil, and good ol' fashioned cardboard and spraypaint, into effective modifiers.

Lighting is less about the tools and more about the creativity in which you use them.

Source: The Film Look