The legacy of the monopod has been overshadowed by tripods, gimbals, and other popular camera stabilizers for quite a while. I mean, I get it. How do you make what is basically a 1/4" -20 screw on a stick sound sexier in comparison to a handheld gyroscopic device that makes your camera basically float in midair?

Well, Tiffen, the parent company of Steadicam, has unleashed a monopod that will definitely be catching some glances with its interesting gas-powered pedal, which allows users to adjust their height hands-free. Meet the Steadicam Air

The Steadicam Air is made of lightweight carbon fiber and has a bunch of exciting features, primarily the 100% gas-powered, spring-activated pedal for height adjustment, but also 360-degree rotation, reversible 1/4" -20 and 3/8" -16 mounting plate, and an oversized rubber foot that provides added stability.

Height ranges from a little over 2' (28") to a little over 5' (62.5"), so you'll have plenty of options to capture shots from low angles, as well as high. The Steadicam Air weighs in at just 3.5 lbs., but don't let that fool you. It can withstand payloads of up to 25 lbs., so you'll be able to mount lightweight DSLRs as well as robust cinema cameras.





Tech Specs

  • 100% gas lift, spring activated height adjustable monopod – activated by adjustable foot pedal
  • Made of Lightweight Carbon Fiber
  • 3-Section Monopod with 1-twist leg lock
  • Allows for full 360-degree rotation without compromise
  • Ergonomic foam padded grip point with debossed Steadicam branding on the handle
  • Removable aluminum top plate with reversible screw thread allowing for 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16
  • Oversized rubber foot giving you extra stability connected to ball point
  • Quick twist rubberized leg grips
  • Non-slip, rubberized foot pedal allows for easy grip operation. Pedal also folds up with travel purposes and quick transport
  • Collapsed Height = 28″ // Fully Extended Height = 62.5″
  • Sleek red accents

Tiffen's monopod will come in two configurations: the Steadicam Air-25 and Air-15, one with a 25 lb. weight capacity and the other with a 15 lb. weight capacity. The Air-25 is available now for $499, but the Air-15 will be available "at a later date" for $399.

Source: Streadicam Air