Simple cuts can not only be boring, they can also eat up a lot of screen time as you try to breadcrumb your way to that editorial sweet spot. That's where in-camera transitions come in. They're stylish, exciting, and cinematically economical ways to go from one shot to the next. Plus, they're really simple to pull off. In this tutorial, Kellan Reck shows you six easy in-camera transitions that even the noobiest noob can do. Check out the video below:

Even though the traditional cut is going to make up 99% of all of your transitions, these in-camera transitions are a great way to add a little flair and pizazz to your work. The best thing about them, especially for those who are just starting out, is that they're so easy to do with just a few motions of your hand and don't require you to add a bunch of post-production effects to make them work.

Now, you might be thinking that these kinds of transitions are used so often these days in vlogs and other videos that they're starting to get played out, but 1.) who cares, and 2.) tons of your favorite filmmakers use (perhaps) toned down versions of them in their films, whether it's covering up the lens to "transport" to a different room or hiding edits in motion blur, a trick Alejandro González Iñárritu did constantly to make Birdman appear to be shot in a single take.

So, maybe you don't go to 11 with these in-camera transitions, maybe you just crank it up enough to make all that movie magic convincing to your audience. 

Source: Kellan Reck