Boris FX Gives Users What They Want: Mocha Tracking in Sapphire 11

Boris FX has added new features to Sapphire 11 that users are going to be thankful for.

Boris FX gave us a rundown of the new features that have been added to Sapphire 11, including over 50 new preset effects and transitions but perhaps the most notable, and certainly the most desperately pleaded for by users, is Mocha planar tracking and masking. Mocha tracking has been integrated into every single Sapphire effect, which means less tedious and time-consuming keyframing.

Here's all the new stuff you'll see in Sapphire 11:

  • Integrated Mocha planar tracking and masking
  • 50+ preset effects and transitions
  • Exclusive S_Mocha Spark for the Autodesk family
  • Sapphire Units now available

Licensing the entire suite is going to set you back $1695, but Boris FX offers other, less expensive options, like a 12-month sub for $495 or you can purchase Sapphire boxes individually.

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