Miller gave us the inside scoop on its new line of tripod heads, the Compass X range of heads. The Compass X or CX series is made up 5 heads. Three are 75mm, the CX2, CX6, CX8, and two are 100mm, the CX10 and CX18. All the heads in the series have 16 points of counterbalance, 8 large points of counterbalance with 8 half steps, which one can switch between with a quick slide knob and dial. Maybe the most exciting addition is the new disposable rosettes. The rosettes are normally the first thing to go, but Miller has removed the problem with a new plastic washer that fits on the rosette, removing the metal on metal wear and tear. After the washer is stripped, just throw the plastic washer away and replace it. The price ranges depending on your configuration of legs and heads from around $2000 to $5,600 

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