Sound Devices gave us the inside scoop on its newest sound device, the MixPre-10T and the newest software update to the MixPre series. The MixPre-10T is the 12-track audio recorder in the MixPre series. It contains 10 inputs, including 8 very high-quality mic preamps, and 2-line input preamps. It has 4 outputs, 2 balanced and 2 unbalanced. The biggest upgrade of the 10T to previous models is an extremely accurate timecode generator and reader. It can produce all the modes of timecode and can hand all the frame rates you would expect and can power down and still hold timecode. It saves to SSD but can also autosave to a thumb drive. The 10T can be powered by AA batteries, AC-to-DC power supply (Hirose 4-pin DC plug), or Sony L series batteries. This recorder is available now for $1,799. 

The new software for the Mix Pre Series, the version 2.10, will be available next week. The update provides a new feature entitled remix, which enables the user to remix any existing take that has been recorded. If you have any problems with any of the takes, remix right in the field, and then the MixPre recorder will make a new file, so you don't lose the existing one.

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