We know, we know: we shouldn't drop our batteries, but we do. It's the item on set that "flies" the most, being run from the charging station to the camera at the very last minute, getting knocked off a light or a camera by an errant stand, or just by it slipping out of your hand.

Gen Energy wants to make our batteries last longer by not only building in shock protection to the case, but also in using a single circuit board (instead of wiring) to create a more durable connection between cells. This makes for a longer-lasting battery whether you're dropping them or not.

Sometimes even the best cared for gear gets so shaken aboard a truck that poorly soldered connections can come loose. This will not happen with a board.

Available starting at $349 from Adorama.

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Tech Specs

  • Max. load: 5A (Sum of two D-Taps)
  • USB Output voltage: DC 5.0V
  • Max. load: 2.3A
  • Auto power off: 30 minutes after no use
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 3.82 x 5.75 x 2.32" (97 x 146 x 59 mm)
  • Weight 2.35 lb (1.07 kg)