We love gear. And there are legitimate times when your brand or style of gear does matter.  A feature shot on a RED Monstro will look substantially different than a feature shot on a DVX100, all other things being equal.  But sometimes it's great to be reminded that even with an identical set of tools, wildly different results can be accomplished. Especially if those particular tools are pretty flexible themselves. For example, LED lights offer a lot of control and options that some traditional lights haven't enabled without accessories. In the video below, ShareGrid and DP Casey McBeath use one set of Quasar Science LEDs as a single light source (plus some diffusion and bounce) to walk through a variety of lighting setups as a great reminder of how there is so much you can do with the same basic set of tools.

The biggest takeaway here is obviously the timeless reminder that it is what you do with the tools that matters more than the tools themselves. With the same basic lighting kit, dramatically different results can be created, and while some will obsess over ensuring they have the exact same tools as someone else, it's better to focus on results.

Brent_casey_selectsCredit: ShareGrid

Another great takeaway of this footage for us is to remember the emotional impact of an eyelight.  Taking those four LED tubes and creating a box light creates a beautiful, flattering light on the model, but the perfectly rigid square, when set in contrast with the circular iris, inspires an uncomfortable feeling that we can't shape looking at the image.  

Screen_shot_2018-07-03_at_5Credit: ShareGrid

We got hands-on with Quasar units back at NAB and are excited about all the flexibility they offer.  

Quasar Science LED Tech Specs

  • 2' - 25 watt - Q25R
  • 4' - 50 watt - Q50R
  • 8' - 100 watt - Q100R
  • OLED screen with digital interface
  • Wired DMX via Cat5/6
  • Wireless DMX Control by Lumen Radio CRMX Wireless
  • Manual Interface