Here at No Film School, we've covered the snazzy offerings of throughout the tech start-up's three-year existence as a video review and multi-user content management system. The company has proven to be a filmmaker-friendly post-production resource from its very beginning, and throughout its new upgrades and product offerings, we've been there to cover each new company announcement. is now taking a moment to cover its own users. Titled Masters Seriesthe company has created a new short video series that highlights the personal stories and triumphs of the men and women redefining what their artform can be (and what the technology at their fingertips can do).

First up is commercial DP and director Mark Toia, a filmmaker who went from being told early in his career by a professor that "art doesn't pay" to working on projects for Coca-Cola, Jeep, and Virgin Airlines. He's gone on to have an extremely successful career as a working artist (and yes, he gets paid!), and below, you can clearly see why.

Breathtaking visuals aligned with an inspiring story spell a dynamic viewing experience relatable to artists of all kinds (we each remember our first $50 check). If you're interested in knowing how Toia pulled his episode off, a complete toolkit listing can be found here

While the series will shine a spotlight on users of all kinds, it was not created to be a showy promotional reel for the company itself. In a statement, CEO and co-founder Emery Wells commented, "We selected the filmmakers for this series not just based on their use of, but on the level of artistry and talent. We value great filmmaking and great craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on excellence and wanted to select filmmakers who share those same values."

"And to put our money where our mouth is," Wells continues, "we have given each one of the filmmakers selected for the series carte-blanche to make their own film, in their creative voice. These aren't commercials for These are personal stories, imbued with the art and spirit of the filmmaker, as well as a manifestation of what is all about. We are confident they will serve as an inspirational series for aspiring creatives in all art forms."

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