Thanks to YouTuber, we were able to watch a live stream of Sony's Photokina press conference.

For those anxiously awaiting for an a7s III announcement, you will have to wait a bit longer. Sony did, however, announce its plans to add 12 new E-mount lenses over the next two years and that it's updating Eye AF technology to work with animals including birds, foxes, lions, dogs, know, animals. 

Sony didn't include any lens details—focal lengths, type, release dates, etc.—but the company did confirm it will be sticking with the E-mount for the considerable future as its designed to be both full frame and APS-C friendly. For now, the 24mm F1.4 G Master lens announced earlier this week is still the latest from Sony.  


On the other hand, Eye AF for animals is a great idea for wildlife video and still shooters which is something "techjedi" pointed out as a possible future feature on DP Review's forum months ago. If Sony makes it as effective in water as it does on land, it could be especially beneficial for underwater videography. Keeping focus while diving is one of the hardest tasks. 

If anything, Sony is listening to what consumers are looking for in its cameras so be sure to jump in the comments below and share what you want in the next Alpha.