A remake turned personal project turned cultural phenomenon, Bradley Cooper's A Star is Born is a romantic film in which the complexities of romance are never cheated. There are highs and there are lows, of course, but the rocky road trekked by our two leads (played by Cooper and Lady Gaga) stems from an inherent lack of trust in one's self.

Jackson Maine (Cooper) struggles with a dependency on alcohol and pills and feels unworthy of true love, while Ally (Gaga), a frustrated and disrespected restaurant employee who performs at local drag shows, lacks confidence in her incredible singing ability. "Jack" grows enamored with Ally's talent and heart, and Ally, although she comes to support her boyfriend who struggles with addiction, becomes both enamored and hesitant of the newfound fame her own career experiences. One star rises, another continues to fall, and it's to Cooper's directorial credit that the plight of their stories feels less predetermined and more of a depiction of opportunities being taken away via our own vices.

The film is sadder than you might expect upon arriving in the theater, but the film earns its pathos and dramatic arc in a commendably assured way. Lady Gaga is all in for her big-screen performance here and Cooper should be seeing a number of end-of-year Best Actor awards coming his way (Cooper's own dog also makes a cameo, and there's a good chance you will grow fond of the friendly canine as well). The two play together and sing together, and the music is both a fulfillment of enjoyment and a painful baring of their souls. 

Below are a number of songs featured in the film, which if you've already seen it over the weekend, you can't get out of your head. If there's a favorite of your's—Shallow seems to be the consensus around here both for its tune and for its placement in the film's narrative—let us know in the comments below.