Although a teaser trailer was released several months ago, this second go-round promoting Tim Burton's upcoming live-action remake of Walt Disney's Dumbo (1941) appears to present a more complete picture of the film's tone and style.

Set to be released on March 29th, 2019, the film looks both fantastical and cartoon-like, larger than life and set in a fantasy world in which special attractions of the freakish animal variety reign supreme. If it appears a little dark and over-the-top in its extravagance, that would likely be due to the Burton touch, a filmmaker who has never shied away from going "big." After viewing this trailer, will you believe an elephant can fly? Perhaps.

Burton fanatics will love the fact that the film co-stars Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito, two men who have worked with the filmmaker in the past, most memorably on Batman Returns in 1992. Other frequent Burton collaborators, included famed composer Danny Elfman, return to work with the director here.

If you can appreciate what appears to be the film's sincere, gentle, saccharine touch, the film looks like a sheen example of impressive art direction and special effects. When it comes to a remake of Dumbo directed by Tim Burton, that's the least we can expect.