We're in an exciting time for gaming. Technology has caught up to storytelling and anything is possible. As a kid, I spent countless hours trying to solve the puzzles in Myst and The Day of the Tentacle. Now that VR has entered the puzzle game landscape, I'm especially excited to check out A Fisherman's Tale.  

The game throws you into a world where anything can happen and blurs the line between reality and fantasy. I've been really excited to check out A Fisherman's Tale ever since the trailer was announced.

Don't take my word for it: Balthazar Auxietre, co-founder and creative director of Innerspace, describes the character you get to play inside this world. 

"You play as Bob, a puppet, living a cozy life in an old lighthouse, isolated from the rest of the world. But as you try to leave your cabin, you realize quickly that the world outside is not at all what you expected: you’re just a little wooden puppet trapped inside the model of a lighthouse! And this model is replicated inside and outside of the room, like Russian dolls...On your journey, you will also meet a range of quirky characters, who play a big role in the special tone of the game. We worked with talented voice actors (the game’s voiceover has been localized for English, French, and German), and hope you appreciate the care and love we put into bringing these crazy sidekicks to life!"

That sounds both creepy and intriguing. What I also love is how they went out of their way to make it globally accessible. Plus, the meta-narrative feels very in tune to what it means to play a VR game in real life. 

This raises a lot of questions about how we view VR. It used to be just a gimmick, but there's something wondrous about the idea of us putting a puppet who puppets other puppets. 

Vertigo Games explains the key questions behind the material, “What does it mean to be trapped inside a replica in an elusive virtual world? A Fisherman’s Tale at its heart is a story about breaking away from illusions to find truth. And who knows, you may learn something about yourself along the way.”

So here are the details: 

A Fisherman’s Tale is coming to multiple VR platforms, including PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality. It costs $15. That's a steal. 

Founded in 2008, Vertigo Games is a publisher and developer perhaps best-known for its VR first-person shooter, Arizona Sunshine, and its VR strategy game, SkyworldA Fisherman’s Tale is being developed by Innerspace in collaboration with ARTE, a public service European culture channel and digital network.