Can Aputure create a fancy RGB (red, green, and blue) light if the company wants to? Of course, but its team believes it can create something even better.

While this is certainly not an official announcement, the No Film School team at NAB 2018 got the first scoop on Aputure's latest development: the Aputure Color Picker. What does the technology allow you to do? Well, you will be able to go outside, capture colors in real life (of existing lights and reflections of light), and recreate that light with the Aputure Color Picker. 

In terms of where it currently lies in its production, the Aputure Color Picker can capture colors and register the data. What the Aputure team is still working on, however, is getting the light to recreate that color data. It's hard to match native sources that already exist in the world, but Aputure is looking make that problem a thing of the past. 

This is a difficult process that takes time, and so no release date or pricing has been announced. To say we're anticipating future updates would be an understatement.

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