The Leica M mount, first launched way back in 1954, is one of the longest continually used lens mounts in the photo and cinema industry. With Leica releasing the amazing M 0.8 lenses back in 2016, a full set of cine oriented primes in M mount designed to be adapted to mounts like Sony E or used with dedicated Leica mounts on RED cameras, the glass has remained popular with filmmakers for its amazing image quality.

Now CW Sonderoptic has worked with ARRI to put together an M mount for the Alexa Mini, which makes a perfect combination of small, high-performance body and small, high-performance lenses. Since the M 0.8 lenses cover full-frame, hopefully this is yet more evidence that an LF Mini isn't too far off into the future. In the meantime, CW Sonderoptic is working with Sony to put together a custom M mount for VENICE. Exciting times for full-frame.

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