Taking a departure from its often-used summer release date slot, the sixth film in the live-action Transformers franchise will be opening during the holiday season later this month. A prequel that tells the origin story of one yellow-painted Bumblee and the young woman (Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld) who befriended him (it?), Travis Knight's Bumblebee has been praised by early reviews as being steeped in nostalgia and an uplifting, positive spirit that the previous sequels lacked.

With filmmaker Michael Bay no longer in the director's chair (but remaining on as a producer), Knight, an animation master who received Academy Award nominations for his filmsThe Boxtrolls and Kubo and the Two Strings, is supposedly putting a fresh spin on the material.  It is his live-action feature debut, after all, and many critics had noted that a fresh voice was needed.

Although we here at No Film School have yet to see the film, the behind-the-scenes footage below looks inspiring, and the positive reviews touting the film's harmless is all we can really ask for. Check it out below.

Will you be seeing Bumblebee later this month? Are you still on the Transformers bandwagon, holding out hope? Let us know in the comments below.