What’s the catch? Hey, you’re the screenwriter, you come up with that! As far as what you need to do to create a winning script, it’s all about coming up with something humorous and dialogue driven that has to do with the experience of being a screenwriter. 

According to SoCreate CEO Justin Couto and the contest creators, this is what the organization is looking for:

To enter, writers need to submit a maximum 1-page, dialogued-driven comedy screenplay commenting on the life of a screenwriter. Topics could include but aren’t limited to the writer’s personal journey, breaking into the industry, a writers’ room experience, or an element of the writing process that’s humorous.

That should be ample material to work with! (SoCreate has included Starbucks gift cards as prizes to get you thinking in the right vein). Are you up to the task? If you are, it’s free to enter and, below, check out the prizes the top six screenwriters will get.

First Place (1): “Get Writing” Writer’s Kit:

  • New laptop of writer’s choice (12” Macbook Air OR Windows Surface Laptop OR Windows Surface Pro), a laptop backpack and wireless mouse
  • SoCreate “Writers are SoCool” t-shirt
  • SoCreate mousepad
  • SoCreate travel mug
  • SoCreate neck pillow
  • (1) $50 Starbucks Gift Card

Runner Up (5): SoCreate “Get Writing” Swag Bag:

  • SoCreate “Writers are SoCool” t-shirt
  • Socreate mousepad
  • SoCreate travel mug
  • SoCreate neck pillow
  • (1) $15 Starbucks Gift Card

The good news is that if you don’t win, at least you only wasted one-page worth of your time (which to be fair, could still be very time-consuming! I've personally never written a one-page dialogue-driven beginning, middle, and end).

Here's a video from SoCreate about the contest:

What is SoCreate, exactly? They are a new start-up screenwriting platform working on some cloud-based software that they will be debuting later this year. When you enter the contest, you can opt to be part of a private beta group that gets early access to it in 2019, which could be fun. According to SoCreate:

SoCreate, founded in 2015, is a privately held company funding the development of a revolutionary cloud-based screenwriting software. The SoCreate Screenwriting Platform will make it fun and easy to turn anyone’s amazing ideas into a TV or movie script. Since its inception, SoCreate has completed hundreds of hours of research, design, and development on the screenwriting software and its elements. In 2019, SoCreate will launch beta trials to interested screenwriters who are tired of wrestling with frustrating, traditional screenwriting software, who want a single place to take their ideas from inspiration to completion, and who desire a software that will allow their creativity to flow in new, unbounded ways. We believe that if we work hard and stay focused, we will become the primary service for writing dialogue-driven stories for stages and screens.

If you want to enter, head over to the full rules and regulations on Film Freeway here.

And if you do enter, good luck!