With the 76th annual Golden Globes awards ceremony taking place this Sunday, January 6th, from the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California, you'd be excused if you were starting to ramp up for the big event by going down the rabbit-hole of past acceptance speeches on Youtube. 

With its inclusion of both film and television, the Globes are known for being a boozy, all-encompassing affair, with a relaxed atmosphere that's a little more enticing for its moments of humor and raw emotion; the prestige factor, while prominent, is toned down slightly when compared to its older sibling, the Academy Awards. 

Now NBC, the official broadcast partner of the event, has put together a brief video celebrating the ceremony's most memorable speeches, from Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins) all the way to last year's speech by Nicole Kidman, winning for her performance in Big Little Lies.

Not all are included below (this remains a personal favorite and notable omission ), but it's a good overview of what to expect this Sunday evening. 

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