Using the same recording technology found in their Shogun and Ninja line of devices, Atomos has announced Neon, a new line of monitors and recorders for everyone from DP's to AC's to clients to colorists and beyond.   The new thing with neon is that they come in a much greater range of sizes than we saw in the Sumo devices that came out a few years ago, with the top size of 55".  While 55" might initially seem big for a film set, we are increasingly starting to see really big monitors on set (we worked with a 50" last summer on a job and loved it), and combined with something like the Bolt 4k it's really a wonderful solution to seeing what you are shooting more similarly to how it'll be show in the final screening, either at home on a big TV or in a theater.

On top of that, Atomos is letting go of their touch screens, which they had in the Sumo, but which honestly don't make sense on a big massive screening.  Especially since a 55" screen attracts a crowd, having to walk in front of it and touch it to change settings won't work on most sets.  Moving to app and remote control is a smart change for the neon line.

Some of the top specs: 

  • ProRes recording (including ProRes RAW)
  • 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio
  • HDR compatibility
  • 100% P3 gamut (fully utilized the dynamic range that's available from modern cinema cameras)
  • Bluetooth connectivity with full user interface control available from a phone

Screen_shot_2019-06-02_at_12Credit: Atomos

With four different sizes available (17", 24", 32", and 55"), there's bound to be a monitor to suit the needs of any production, including post-production.

Size Comparison and Pricing for the New Atomos Neon Line of Monitor/RecordersCredit: Atomos

The biggest innovation could well be the pricing of these monitors.

Atomos has long since been a disrupter to the external monitor/recorder industry and this is no exception. Prices on these monitors are $4000 for the 17", $6500 for the 24" (both of which will start shipping in July), $8000 for the 32", and just under $17000 for the behemoth 55" model (both of which are said to start shipping in September). Taking a look at a few options from the likes of Panasonic and Flander's Scientific and these prices are certainly more competitive. 


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Source: Atomos