While safety is always the highest priority of any film set, accidents and mistakes do happen.  If anything, mishaps are more likely to occur on a film set because they are never routine; every day is a new location, a new setup, a new tool to learn, and that can lead to a variety of frustrating situations as things don't work out quite as we planned.  To that end, Creative Solutions (the umbrella organization that includes Teradek, Wooden Camera, SmallHD and more) decided to shoot "film set horror stories" at CineGear 2019 and cut them together into an amusing and educational video.

If there is one theme that runs through this to me, it's firstly that mistakes happen to everyone and we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves about them.  Making a mistake or an understandable error shouldn't ruin your whole career. 

But on top of that, it's all really about experience and learning.  So many of these situations would be avoided with a little bit more training, or are avoided once you get more experience under your belt.  Back before cell phones, after the first time you got lost, you would then go buy a Thomas Guide and make sure to always have it with you in the truck to make sure you never got lost again.  

Have some great mistakes from your own career?  Share in the comments, or find Teradek at CineGear next year and maybe they'll keep building a master repository of amazing film set mistakes.