This week on the No Film School Podcast, we talk with the wily crew of filmmakers (and friends) behind the Oscilloscope filmRelaxer.

Director Potrykus is the real deal when it comes to original American filmmaking, as I've described here before. He was one of the first filmmakers to give No Film School an interview at our first SXSWand subsequently battled readers over whether high production value is just hairspray. (Spoiler alert: in the podcast, Joel reveals that he actually used a jib for the first time in Relaxer, so he now has to eat his words!)

It's been gleeful to watch his career skyrocket since then.

How'd he get here? 

It was not by shoving people out of the way, climbing ladders, and making trendy films. You could say it was the exact opposite.

Listen to the podcast, and check out the trailer for this delightfully disgusting, eccentric film where we stay almost entirely on an eye-level view of a guy playing Pac-Man throughout Y2K apocalypse!

Joel Potrykus, DP Adam J. Minnick, and actors Joshua Burge and Andre Hyland sit down to explain how they became collaborators, how they made Relaxer, and why making films for yourself is the only way to go.

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This episode of the No Film School Podcast was produced by Oakley Anderson-Moore and edited by Jeffrey Reeser.