No Film School is the leading online community of filmmakers, video producers, and independent creatives. Our articles, podcasts, and videos have collectively received hundreds of millions of views over the past ten years. However, we have never produced our own courses… until now. 

We are hiring a new team member to serve as the Professor of No Film School. This role will focus on producing our first educational courses, as well as building a suite of useful tools and resources for filmmakers.

This Course Producer/Professor will focus on creating lively, compelling, visually enticing video. As such, the ability to be a “preditor” is more important than the ability to give lectures. We are NOT launching your father’s film school.

About us

No Film School is the leading website “by filmmakers, for filmmakers.” We publish the latest news, tutorials, interviews, and videos to help our readers become better filmmakers — “no film school” required. Please see our media kit for more information on the history and growth of the site.

Course Producer Responsibilities

  • Plan an overall curriculum for online film education
  • Write and research individual course scripts
  • Create engaging learning activities and compelling course content 
  • Host videos and interview experts in the film industry
  • Visualize instructional graphics, the user interface and the finished product
  • Maintain project documentation, course materials
  • Participate in community forums and Q&As dedicated to course content
  • Identify opportunities for online tools and resources useful for filmmakers — apps students can utilize after “graduation”
  • Strategize around launch techniques, promotional efforts


Note: in the qualifications listed below, applications are expected to excel in SOME, not ALL, of these areas. For example, it’s fine if: you are a lively on-camera host but don’t have editing and animation skills; you have extensive production experience but have not built an educational curriculum; you have launched and promoted online courses but have not taught filmmaking in person.

  • Preditor-like skillset (ability to produce and edit video; animation a bonus)
  • Experience teaching filmmaking, including lesson and curriculum planning
  • Real-world film production experience
  • On-camera hosting abilities with lively presence 
  • Knowledge of online course launches and promotion methods
  • Ability to write lively copy, instructional text, audio and video scripts
  • Proficiency with web-based content management systems


United States (NFS is a distributed workforce)


Commensurate with experience, ranging from independent contractor to full-time employee

How to apply

Please email with “Course Producer” in your subject line. Please include a cover letter and resume.