Do We Need AI to Cry? Plus, the Future of RED

Does AI need to cry?
'2046'Credit: Mei Ah Entertainment
In today’s episode, No Film School podcast hosts Yaroslav Altunin, Charles Haine, and GG Hawkins discuss whether or not editors should be allowed to digitally manipulate performances. Also, we talk about the changes RED is making and what cameras they will no longer offer.

In this episode, we talk about…

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This episode of The No Film School Podcast was produced by Yaroslav Altunin, Charles Haine, and GG Hawkins.

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I really wish NFS would stick to what you are good at and not trying to bring up either cinema technology.

Fact checks (from just this podcast, but every NFS podcast has facepalm worthy mis-information)

> Red was not first with either 4K or RAW
> Red Ranger is/was a knock off of the DXL/2. Panavsion is actually the company that knows the community, Panavision claims invention of the camera form factor.
> Before Red existed, RAW had been in common usage (for years) by DALSA, CineForm Raw was also in use with the Silicon Imaging SI2K.
> Sony has been using non-Bayer patterned sensors in their digital cinema cameras since at least 2011, including all of their flagship CineAlta cameras since. Sony also was the first company to offer a true 8K camera

I mean this could all be honest mistakes, but the hosts sound so CONFIDENT in the false information I really can't take you seriously as any sort of resource.

I'll make you a deal, if is truly your wheelhouse please expand on your statement of what exactly can't be done with a Bayer pattern sensor?

Do that with a reasonable about of detail and I'll shut up and stop questioning your basic competence in this space.


February 25, 2023 at 7:05PM