While Canon’s biggest news so far at CES 2019 has been the introduction of some new VIXIA consumer camcorders, they’ve also been teasing updates to their new mirrorless EOS R line with reports of a “lower end” offering which will do away with the maligned touch bar.

However, in a new interview with Dave Etchells at Imaging-Resource, Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi, Group Executive, ICB Products Group, Image Communication Business Operations at Canon Inc. has dropped some pretty not-so subtle hints about the Canon EOS R’s 8K future. (Read more 8K camera news and rumors here.)

8K Video on the EOS R-series Roadmap

Canon EOS R 8K

The big news from the interview for filmmakers by far is this teaser of 8K video from a future Canon EOS R camera. Mizoguchi doesn’t go into many exact details of what this 8K capable camera might look like or cost, but it definitely sounds like it’s a realized part of Canon’s future.

“Video will play a huge role in the EOS R System for sure. For example, an 8K video capable camera is already in our EOS R-series roadmap.” -Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi

When pressed for when this 8K-capable EOS R might actually come to fruition though, Mizoguchi laughs at revealing any year or timeline.

The Future of Canon DSLRs

Another big part of the interview with Mizoguchi focuses on Canon’s future plans for research and development into their storied DSLR cameras. While Mizoguchi appears to dance around giving a clear indication of the DSLR’s future, he does mention that “it’s a bit too early to make that decision” and doesn’t give any clear indication of future DSLR development.

Canon EOS R Improvements

If anything, Mizoguchi seems to give the impression that Canon is very aware of the EOS R’s feedback (and obviously its sales numbers). While photography reviews have been a little more positive, video reviews haven’t been great.

“And of course, we are aware of customers asking for higher end R-series models and better specs such as faster continuous shooting speed, in-body image stabilization, better video capability and dual card slots.” - Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi

Stay tuned as CES 2019 continues as we’ll be on the lookout for any more Canon video camera news or updates (as well as big news from other brands - like these updates from Nikon).

Source: Imaging-Resource