Upcoming “Lower End” Canon EOS R to Not Include Touch Bar

Canon EOS R Touch Bar
Canon to reportedly consider removing the unpopular touch bar from new “lower end” version of the Canon EOS R.

According to reports from Canon Rumors, one of the least popular elements of their mirrorless Canon EOS R offering may not make it through to be included in the next “lower end” offering.

While Canon’s foray into the full-frame mirrorless market has been largely received with mixed results, the lack of IBIS, a single SD card slot and the 4K crop being the biggest culprits, the Canon EOS R’s odd touch bar. (If you are interested, check out this video breakdown of how the Canon EOS R stacks up with its main mirrorless competitors.)

Here’s a good video review summing up its functionality (and frustrations).

Now, if this news is indeed confirmed, it might not mean that the touch bar is dead. It very well could be included (and possibly updated to work better) in more Canon cameras moving forward. However if it is omitted from the new “lower end” EOS R versions, Canon would be smart to monitor feedback on whatever they use in lieu of it.

More information will be forthcoming on this new “lower end” EOS R as well as a highly anticipated firmware update for the current EOS R coming from Canon soon. Stay tuned for more information and Camera Rumors    

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The EOS R would be a phenomenal camera if they didn't cripple it via software.

Wonder how long it will take until Magic Lantern unlocks it's full potential without 4k crop.

January 11, 2019 at 10:58AM

Travis Johansen - Minneapolis
Director of Photography & Producer