As any child of 90s skate culture can tell you, the grungy handheld camcorder videos served as both a huge part of the inspiration and part of the DIY attitude. There was just something about those early homemade cassettes that captured the authenticity of the skateboarding experience.

It also gave a whole generation a first taste of the independent filmmaking bug as the resident “video expert” in any friend group had to problem solve issues like lighting, smooth movement and perhaps the most challenging - sound.

Now, fast forwarded into the modern world of digital filmmaking where DIY gear is readily available and indie filmmaking resources abound, we find brands harkening back to their early roots by creating nostalgic-minded products to help relieve the original glory days - or perhaps help a new, younger problem-solving generation.

Wooden Camera’s Skateboard Camera Mic

Let’s take a look at this latest offering from Wooden Camera. The VX Skateboard Mic is a modern recreation of the classic Sony VX1000 microphone which itself was a legend in 90s skateboarding video culture.

The new VX Skateboard Mic mimics the circa-1995 Sony original and is designed to aesthetically match (but obviously, improve on) the same Hi-8 audio style with frequency filtering and compression. However, the modern VX includes four microphone capsules, charging via an USB-C port, 48 hours of battery life, and hot shoe / 1/4-20 mounting.

Here’s a cool video comparison between Wooden Camera’s VX Skateboard Mic and the original Sony VX1000.

Check out some more images below. The VX Skateboard Mic is priced at $299 and can be purchased here.