While we gotta hand it to ourselves for our own April Fools prank - Canon is NOT in fact releasing a 16K EOS R for $99,999 today - the teams at Alamo Drafthouse and Birth.Movies.Death deserves recognition for their “VerticalVision” April 1st announcement.

Let’s breakdown the “VerticalVision” hoax and how it might just be a little too on the nose for what might be the sad, eventual future of cinema.

Alamo Drafthouse’s VerticalVision

Complete with an in-depth blog post, an introductory landing page and even a “demo” video of the new technology in action (watch it below), the Alamo Drafthousers certainly went all in on building out a pretty elaborate and well-developed April Fools prank.

Vertical Vision

The article sites statistics (which, btw, are not bs) from Facebook about the future of vertical video and how audiences are becoming more vertical-focused with every new iPhone generation.

“What I love about VerticalVision is just how tight the frame is, allowing you to focus on just the one thing you want the audience to see. For too long filmmakers have been saddled with the constraints and extraneous details of widescreen – long live tall screen.” - a (hopefully) fake quote by Paul Thomas Anderson

Laugh as much as you’d like now with this faux press release featuring quotes about how the “top director in Hollywood” are most excited about the vertical format, but while Alamo Drafthouse CEO Tim League and acclaimed filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson may be in on the joke for now, it very well could become a reality here soon.

For more information, check out the full “VerticalVision” page on the Alamo Drafthouse website here.

Source: Birth.Movies.Death