Learning how to make a cinemagraph is certainly nothing new. In fact, here’s a basic walkthrough from over seven years ago.

However, as the style has evolved, people have been getting really, really good at it. Especially with the addition of the “plotography” style (which you can read more about here) which puts some aspects of your image in motion while keeping the rest static.

In this in-depth tutorial by Making Movies, we get look into how to create a new, highly stylized - and, well, pretty badass - “cines” using elements of plotography for some truly amazing results.

Advanced Cinematography Tutorial

There are plenty of other videos with similar (although slightly different) approaches, but this “cine” style cinemagraph can create some pretty impressive moving images great for impressing friends online.

If you’re looking for some other cinemagraph tutorials (and maybe a few simpler ones if you’re just starting off), here are some good ones.

Or, if you’re feeling adventerous, check out these No Film School tutorials for creating your very own “Spidey” effect or your own double exposure stylized intro video.