Camgear Introduces Elite Fluid Heads and New Tripod System

Camgear Elite Fluid Heads
Meet Camgear’s new “elite” line of fluid heads and their updated 3S-FIX tripods.

NAB 2019 is coming up fast and brands are already starting to tease their conference floor demonstrations. Camgear has unveiled its new Elite Series of patented dual wheel counterbalance fluid heads.

As well as rolled out a new line of 3S-FIX tripods which will partner with the new fluid heads suitable for lightweight to heavy studio and film camera support. Let’s take a look at both new offerings.

Elite Fluid Heads

Elite Fluid Head
Designed for a wide range of camera options, the new elite fluid heads are equipped with graded drag and counterbalance systems for fast setup and easy operation. The new elite line will offer seven different options for head fitting (with varying degrees of maximum payload, counterbalance and grade of drag).
Elite Series

Pricing and availability are not yet released, but will know more details after NAB.

Camgear 3S-FIX Tripods

Camgear Tripods

Along with their new elite fluid heads, Camgear has also introduced a new tripod system with the 3S-FIX line. These new tripods will come partnered with the new elite fluid heads, and should offer solid complimentary support for the same wide range of cameras and build outs.

The 3S-FIX tripods are available in both aluminum and carbon fiber and offer “high torsion rigidity and fast action clamping system for easy and fast setup.”

The 16 different options with different materials, payloads and height ranges for 75mm, 100mm and 150mm combinations.

Pricing and availability are not yet released, but will know more details after NAB.     

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