Go back to a time when Superman was innocent, a bastion of the American Dream, a crusader of hope, and had the cheekbones of a Greek god. Oh, and he could turn back time. The 70s were weird.

YouTube channel DeepFakes is back in a big way, this time lampooning the removing of Henry Cavill's mustache for the Justice League reshoots by switching his entire face with Christopher Reeve's face. Also, rest in peace, Christopher Reeve. 

After the controversy surrounding Paramount not allowing Henry Cavill to shave thanks to his obligations on Mission: Impossible - Fallout and the family tragedy that led Zack Snyder to step away from the movie and to let Joss Whedon step in to direct, it's kind of nice to look back on Justice League and smile.

Overall, the DC Comic Universe hasn't come together as smoothly as once anticipated, and it's nice to see the studio now pivot away from a shared universe to focus on standalone films (which will totally affect our DC rankings). 

I still hold out hope that we'll go back to the emotional and picturesque Superman movies of old. Sort of like my favorite comic of all time, Superman: For All Seasons. The addition of Christopher Reeve's face gave the dream a glimmer just for a second, so revel in it and laugh at it.  

And let yourself think about happy Superman for a while.