Do you have some serious aerial cinematography chops? Are you a high-altitude Roger Deakins? Are you a ‘Pro’ drone videographer? Well, you best check your skills up against the best that DJI has to offer on the brand’s new DJI ‘Pro' website.

Are You a DJI Pro?

In addition to showcasing DJI’s aerial videography and photography products - like the DJI Inspire 2 and the DJI Mavic 2 Pro which you can compare together here - the DJI ‘Pro’ website also features the work of several DJI drone ‘masters’ with short films and BTS features.

Aerial Drone Cinematographers

If you are into aerial drone cinematography, it is a cool resource to get some aspirational tips and tricks with a nice video tutorial ‘education’ page to breakdown each of DJI’s products. There are also some third-party videos and reviews.

However, if you are serious about aerial videography and honing your skills, it’s always best to practice on your own and shoot, shoot and shoot. (As well as check out some of these articles on How to Fly a Drone For Beginners (Drone Flying Tips Checklist), Try These 5 Helpful Tips to Be a Better Drone Pilot and Use Augmented Reality to Control Your Aerial Drones for Video.