Have you been struggling with framing or frame control while on set? Well, 1A Tools has a new solution for you. They developed Alpha Wheels to connect to your gimbal in order to give you more control, and now they've taken that control to the next level with Inertia Wheels. 

These Intertia Wheels take the best parts of Alpha Wheels and significantly move control forward.   By incorporating adjustable monitors and real-time resistance control, Inertia wheels will help create a feel that should make frame shots easier.  If you need to do a whip pan, you can turn the resistance down to make the whip more dramatic.  But doing a long creeping shot, you can turn it up to make the dial "smooth out" accidental inputs.  More customization is always more useful when dealing with the wide variety of shots we face day to day on set.

They are a two-axis set of wheels that work with Movi Pro, DJI Ronin, and Tilta Gravity gimbals. They were created with an open API which works with Set Simulators, so you can practice your camera moves in Virtual Reality before trying to perform them on set. The best part is that built-in transmitters allow you to control these inertia wheels remotely. 

They have an extended battery life, so if you're using them on low or moderate settings, the battery lasts all day. In a high/constant use setting, you'll still get 2-3 hours of battery life.

Tech Specs

  • Lower latency 
  • Light to hard setting in real time 
  • Adjustable drag 
  • High res encoders 
  • Brushless motors 

Intertia Wheels retail for $4000 USD, with an optional 3rd axis hand unit for $5000 USD. Shipping is planned to start in about 3 to 4 months.


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