Now the question is - will the Dude abide again?

In single tweet Jeff Bridges has opened the door to a possible return of his Dude-ness. Will it be a direct sequel to the Coen Brothers' original The Big Lebowski? Will it be a new spin-off series similar to the equitably popular Fargo? Or will it just be a tongue-in-cheek advertising campaign which features Bridges hawking laundry detergent? There are like, so many questions, man!

Here's what we do know...

Released in 1998 Jeff Bridges starred as Jeffrey "the Dude" Lebowski in the Coen Brothers' noir comedy The Big Lebowski. Not ones for many sequels or spin-offs, the Coen Brothers' character has remained a cult classic which is notable for giving Bridges' career a nice boost into his loveable crusty years. The clip is presumably teasing the release of more information on February 3rd, 2019 - which keen sports fans will tell you - is the date of Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta.

At the end of the clip we also see copyright watermarks for Universal City Studios, who would obviously have stake in whatever next iteration comes from The Big Lebowski being the owner of Working Title Films, which produced the original Coen Brothers feature.

So, we now have until Super Bowl Sunday to wonder and dream about what this next Lebowski project could be. What are your guesses? Or what would you love to see for his Dude-ness?