A true cinephile, Joe shares his experiences of working with great collaborators such as Spielberg and Roger Corman. He also explains that while filmmaking has changed since he started, newer filmmakers still have the opportunity to create great films. 

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Working for Roger Corman at the beginning of Dante’s career
  • How Dante first became a “film nut”
  • The influence cartoons had on his films
  • Adding his naturally fragmented personality to each of his films
  • When working on studio films, how it can be difficult to be expressive
  • Exposing more people to great films that are underappreciated or underseen
  • New filmmakers can accomplish a lot, even with little financial resources

Check out Trailers from Hell and Dante’s podcast, The Movies That Made Me.

Plus, don't miss Dante’s Curated List of Monstrous Mayhem, Sept. 3 on Shout Factory TV.

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