The Independent reported that Japanese broadcaster NHK will make the 8k versions of Stanely Kubrick's epic available as it launches its new 8K channel. 

We've written about the arrival of 8K recently. But to put it in more precise terms it's a picture 8,000 pixels wide, 16 times the resolution of the HD TV you probably have in your living room. Here are more details on what 8K TV really means, courtesy of

So is it time to upgrade to an 8K TV? Maybe not just yet. The only 8K content out there right now is in Japan.

While something like 8K resolution doesn't make sense yet, it gives us a window into a future where an experience even more transporting than the traditional theatrical one takes place in our very own homes...

Of course, it comes with a big price tag today. Roughly $15,000.00 to be exact.  Another exciting element to this story is that the 70mm film negatives for Kubrick's classic were rescanned and repaired to some extent. Meaning that this new 8K version of the film was massive and also pristine. 

It may not be something in our living rooms just yet, but 8K TV does exist, and the greats are already being broadcast in it. 



Source: The Independent