Following closely on the heels of Panasonic’s announcement of its new LUMIX BS1H video camera, Atomos has more exciting news in regards to unlocking this new box-style camera’s full capabilities.

With the Ninja V or Ninja V+, you’ll be able to record up to 5.9Kp30, 4.1Kp60, and 3.5Kp50 anamorphic ProRes RAW with the newly introduced LUMIX BS1H.

Let’s take a look at some more of the details and specs.

Panasonic and Atomos’ Partnership Continues

Dubbed a “versatile box-style camera,” the new BS1H should be appealing to any film or video professionals looking for some of the best recording capabilities for live or cinema-style projects. 

As its name implies, the BS1H is built off of Panasonic’s popular LUMIX S1H camera, which has been quite a solid option for filmmakers of any type. However, this new BS1H should help hone in Panasonic’s focus on a specific niche for sure.

Now combine that with Atomos and the Ninja V or the Ninja V+, and you get some pretty darn impressive RAW video capture. As the ProRes RAW format continues to build momentum with now over 30 cameras supported by Atomos, it’s certainly becoming an industry-standard look for anyone serious about shooting high-quality footage these days.

This format should also give filmmakers more than enough latitude to make all the adjustments for their images and changing brightness, shadow detail, etc. when working with footage recorded with this setup.


Combining the BS1H with Ninja V or Ninja V+

Basically, adding the Ninja V or Ninja V+ to your LUMIX BS1H could be a pretty big game-changer when looking at some of the cinema-quality camera options currently on the market.

With the BS1H’s small and compact size, it should do just fine when it comes to gimbal or drone setups, plus its new internal fan should help make it even more viable for broadcast or other live needs.

With the Ninja V or Ninja V+, this combo should also be a great option for any multi-cam productions, as it works with the camera’s LTC and Genlock inputs to work in harmony with the Atomos UltraSync ONe wireless sync system (which itself works alongside the AtomX SYNC module for the Ninja V and Ninja V+).

Overall, if you were at first intrigued by the news of a new LUMIX BS1H, then it wouldn’t hurt to consider adding on a Ninja V or Ninja V+ to your build-out.