In this industry, rumors can have a lot of power. It wasn’t long ago that Panasonic’s “8K Organic Sensor” camera was just a myth - now it’s confirmed. Based on one innocuous post by “tillhavis” on the online filmmaking community board dvxuser, this “perfect filmmakers camera” isn’t that far fetched based on Panasonic’s S1 full frame sensor.

Let’s look at just what this dream Panasonic L-mount cinema camera could be and how it would fit in with the current 4K cinema camera market.

A Panasonic L-Mount Cinema Camera

From the “tillhavis” post (and later carried on L-rumors), this dream build-out reflects an idealized Panasonic cinema camera similar to the Panasonic EVA but in a smaller, more compact, body (smaller than the Canon C200, but larger than the Canon XC15) and lower price point to compete with the likes of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K.

Here are some of the “wish list” specs for this dream camera:

  • Panasonic S1 FF Sensor

  • Interchangeable L-mount

  • Internal 4K 10bit 4:2:2 Recording without crop

  • Internal 4K Raw without crop

  • Dual IS

  • Dual Pixel AF

  • 5” Daylight viewable Fully articulating touchscreen LCD

  • Built in Electronic ND’s 6-10 stops

  • Wireless Control via smart device

  • Live Streaming

  • 6-7 User assignable function buttons

  • One push AF and Auto Control for run and gun situations

How would it compare on the market?

Along with the Panasonic EVA, this hypothetical Panasonic L-mount cinema camera would be a great challenger to the aforementioned Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, the Canon C200 and the Sony FS7 - if it could ideally stay at the former’s price range but stay competitive with the latter two.

What would be your dream camera?

If anything, this dream Panasonic L-mount cinema camera build-out should get the creative rumor juices flowing as to what will be the next full frame 4K camera to hit the crowded market. Without the limitations of actually figuring how to make it happen, what would be your dream camera build-out?