Red Giant Introduces Major Updates with Universe 3.0

Red Giant Universe 3.0
Red Giant Universe 3.0 brings more video effects and transitions plugins for motion graphic artists and editors.

With a focus on UI and text tools, Red Giant has officially released its Universe 3.0 with a new Universe dashboard and over 75 tools supported across 8 host applications - including most notably Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Let’s take a look at this new Red Giant Universe 3 and their new library of effects and presets including five new text generation effects.

Text Generation Effects

Here are the five new text generation effects which Red Giant users can find from the dockable Universe dashboard (along with the rest of the Universe effects, plus saved and recently used selections).

  • Type Cast: Easily animate text properties like color, opacity, size, position and rotation - by the word or character.

Universe 3 Typecast

  • Type On: Quickly create computer terminal-style type reveals. Includes tons of options for customization and randomization.

Universe 3 Type On

  • Screen Text: Fill your screen with scrolling code to create the look of an old-school or modern computer terminal.

Universe 3 Screen Text

  • Hacker Text: Easily create computer hacker-style scrambled text animations. Simulate encrypting or decrypting text with many options for randomization and look.

Universe 3 Hacker Text

  • Text Tile: Generate multiple columns full of random data for use in motion graphics and computer terminal effects. Displayed information can be static or animated.

Universe 3.0 Pricing and Compatibility

  • Full: $199 annual; $30 monthly

  • Academic: $99 annual

Universe 3.0 runs on Windows and OS X, and includes over 75 tools that run in:

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Your Comment


I'm not sure 5 new text effects (that feel like they're straight out of 2005) are MAJOR changes, but I get that they're paying you to write that.

January 29, 2019 at 12:33PM


This was the end of the line for me. They OFX plugins were just way too much of a wildcard for resolve and them bumping the price for 5 text effects was a great excuse to get rid of the suite, considering I only ever used 2 or 3 effects.

January 29, 2019 at 4:57PM

Brendon Rathbone

I have been subscribing for $99 yearly, now $199? Good Bye.
I hate subscriptions. That's why I switched to FCP X

January 30, 2019 at 1:42PM, Edited January 30, 1:42PM

Jan Becker
DP, Director, Producer

I frequently use 5-6 Universe plug-ins, but these text effects are cheesy and doubling the annual rate is a dumb move. I don't need the browser they added, so unless they have more to offer I will drop this subscription when it's up.

January 30, 2019 at 10:24PM

David Patterson