We're finally almost at the debut of Star Wars IX, and the excitement across the globe has reached incredible heights. The movie has sold out many of its initial showings, becoming the fastest-selling presale of all time, just six months after Avengers: Endgame set the record. 

Now, the Disney behemoth prepares for its biggest year ever with another finale of a billion-dollar franchise. 

And it seems like marketing has spared no expense. 

Watch the trailer and let's talk after the jump! 

I have to admit, I got teary when 3PO spoke about his friends. 

This is an exciting trailer that looks to finish off a trilogy that mostly played the hits, but did new and beautiful things to get fans excited about Star Wars all over again. 


The trailer delivers on all fronts, tugging at the heartstrings as well as getting you excited with what is sure to be an epic space battle. 

The trailer debuted during Monday Night Football and only took minutes to be one of the top trends in the world on Twitter. The power of viral marketing is here as people already are willing to speculate that it could become the highest-grossing film of all time. 

Earlier trailers were great but carried some controversy as they didn't include Rose in any images. 

Some people wondered if this had to do with the fanboy backlash against the previous film, but she gets her hero shot in this final trailer. 


It's also exciting to see the whole gang in the cockpit of the falcon. 


While we love indies and the filmmaker-driven stuff here, it's fun to collectively geek out on popcorn films. 

As the trailer suggests, Star Wars is one of those timeless stories that seems to defy age and generations. It didn't matter when you were born; you remember seeing the films and want to share seeing them with the generation after you. 

Here's hoping Abrams and company land the ninth installment with poise and grace. 

Billions of people are watching. 

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Beware, spoilers follow!