It’s weird to think that this wasn’t already a thing, but thanks to RØDE Microphones, we don’t have to even think about this anymore at all. Instead, from now on, you can just do it.

Thanks to new updates for the RØDE Wireless GO II, you can now (for the first time ever) connect a compact wireless microphone system with your smartphone with the RØDE mobile app.

This should be exciting news for any Wireless GO II owners or users, as the microphone system/recorder is quite popular for any content creators who might work in podcasting or other creative streaming video services.

Wireless GO II Now Compatible With RØDE Connect

Launched earlier this year, RØDE Connect is RØDE’s popular podcasting and streaming software. And while you could previously only connect your Wireless GO II with an NT-USB Mini, with this new update, the Wireless GO II can now be set up on the go with iOS and Android devices via the new RØDE Central Mobile app.

You can also use your Wireless GO II with RØDE Connect, making it the only microphone of its kind to be fully integrated with podcasting or streaming software. Both these apps are available and free to download.

This is the first time ever that a wireless microphone system has been fully integrated and compatible with a streaming software, which should unlock some broadcast-quality sound for all your content recording desires and needs. (Think IRL streaming, recording seminars or presentations, or just talking nonsense with your friends for the world to enjoy on YouTube.)

Rode App

How to Use this New Compatibility

So, you can use RØDE Connect to connect up to two Wireless GO IIs with a single computer or laptop. Each transmitter can be allocated to its own channel (for a total of four separate streams). You can also of course still use the Wireless GO II in conjunction with the NT-USB Mini in the RØDE Connect.

RØDE Connect is available to download for free now on the RØDE site. Find out more about how to use RØDE Connect via the RØDE Connect Learning Hub.

Find out more about the Wireless GO II and its expansive feature set and check out the Learning Hub.