The next generation of Rotolight’s popular LED lights is here.

The British LED manufacturer has just dropped news of the new members of its hugely popular NEO and AEOS ranges, NEO 3 and AEOS 2.

Lightweight, easy-to-use, and bright—like, reaaaaally bright—these two new lights are sure to turn a few heads when it comes to industry-standard lighting setups.

Rotolight is offering the chance to own these lights before anyone else, alongside special early-bird pricing via its Kickstarter, which is live now until Nov. 16.

Both lights are perfect for filmmakers and photographers alike, offering best-in-class brightness as well as a High Speed RGBWW flash for a portable all-in-one solution for hybrid shooters. There are immense creative opportunities, with both lights CCT tunable between 3000-10,000K and featuring a library of 2,500 filters.


The Rotolight NEO 3

Rotolight promises that this new NEO 3 is set to become the brightest on-camera LED light ever produced. And it’s still small enough to fit in your pocket. With new custom optics and a compact form factor, the NEO 3 is perfect for interviews or fitting into those hard-to-reach spaces, especially with its built-in suite of full RGB special effects.

The NEO 3 makes use of a new, bespoke lithium battery for high performance, which can easily be charged using a USB cable. For filmmakers, you can invest in just one for your camera-top use, or you can get a full three-piece light kit.

Overall, a great and easy-to-use option for run-and-gun videographers and seasoned production pros.


The Rotolight AEOS 2

Another ultra-thin and lightweight 1x1 panel light, the AEOS 2 comes in at under 1.4kg, making it one of the thinnest and most lightweight options on the market. It should also be a powerful tool for casting some beautiful soft light looks on your film and video subjects.

Its unique integrated handles make it easy to work the light, while its form factor makes it ideal for shooting on location.


Other Features

These new lights are also set to include new touchscreens for easy access and some intuitive display and controls. The touchscreens will be full-color 2-inch displays with easy access to all lighting modes and settings.

Rotolight is also launching a new Rotolight iOS and Android native app to help you control your lights from the tap of your smartphone. You can easily switch between lighting modes or remotely adjust color, power SFX, and more.


There’s also a cool new SmartSoft Box for the AEOS 2, an intelligent Soft Box that lets you adjust your light’s diffusion, focus, and spread locally or via the app, without needing to invest in any additional gels.

And finally, Rotolight has announced a new Universal Speedring adapter to help unlock a nearly-endless suite of Bowens-mount modifiers for both the NEO and the AEOS lights.

Check out Rotolight’s Kickstarter to find out more about these exciting lights, awesome bundles, and exclusive early-bird pricing.