While SLR Magic has offered six MicroPrime lenses for awhile now with the Sony E mount, the manufacturer has not only rolled out a new line for the Fujifilm X mount, but also unveiled that it will also include a bonus new 12mm (T2.8) option as well. The new line is being released and marketed as ideal options for the popular new Fujifilm X-T3.

Let’s take a look at this updated MicroPrime line and prices.

SLR Magic MicroPrime X Mount Lenses


Designed with full-frame sensors in mind, SLR Magic’s new MicroPrime lenses should bring a 1.5x angle of view shift when used on your Fujifilm X APS-C cameras. The new 12mm was designed for only the APS-C sensor specifically.

Here is the full line with prices:

12mm T2.8: $499

15mm T3.5: $499

18mm T2.8: $599

25mm T1.5: $599

35mm T1.3: $599

50mm T1.2: $599

75mm T1.5: $599