Social media content creators King Bach, Amanda Cerny, and DeStorm Power are bringing all their content and more directly to audiences on their new SVOD platform ZEUS

ZEUS, SVOD and A New Era of Distribution

The game is changing rapidly. We already knew this. Every day countless millennials consume content that never passed through traditional gatekeepers. King Bach never had to go to a pitch meeting in order to secure his 2 million plus subscribers on YouTube. He was a vine sensation. The same is true for his partners in ZEUS. 

Their content is about to be available to everyone on every platform. In direct competition with the content that we get through traditional means. 

There are a lot of exciting and big implications, but from one standpoint it opens the door to creating content and providing it directly to an audience. 

Vimeo has teamed up with ZEUS to help deliver its content over-the-top, which is to say directly to audiences. Why is this important? 

Because it empowers content creators to deliver to their audience. Said CEO Lemuel Plummer: 


“In collaboration with our new technology partner Vimeo and their state-of-the-art technology, we’re excited to give our subscribers the best user experience possible. The enhanced platform will provide a seamless sign-up process, and subscribers will be able to sample ZEUS content before joining the platform. Vimeo’s proven technology solutions also ensure all of the tech bells and whistles are performing optimally for us,”

What are your thoughts on ZEUS? Will you watch it? Are you even familiar with the creators and content it will feature? 

Do you think it's a trend we'll see more of? Or are the traditional methods of distribution still king? 

Let us know in the comments. 

Source: ProVideo Coalition